Rainbow Web 3

The fantasy world of Rainbow Kingdom awaits! However, there the evil Sorcerer Spider has risen to power and entangled the whole Masters' town in its black web. But is that really any obstacle for a real hero? You don't need to wield your sword, by the way: you will have to work with your brain by solving unusual puzzles in the "three in a row" genre. The key difference to usual games of this genre is the original "web" geometry of the field of play, which requires a special approach and keeps the player enthralled. 

Game features:
  • 11 locations and 110 levels;
  • Shifting web patterns to bring greater variety to the game;
  • Sliding puzzle and hidden object mini-games;
  • Captivating story line, beautiful artwork, and a wonderful sound track;
  • Learning element for children: working out spells from collected letters;
  • Elaborate graphics and pleasant background music.

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