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Bella Design: Escape from the Farm to the World of Fashion

January 31, 2014

Contact: Michael Tretyakov
Company: Sugar Games
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SSugar Games announces the release of Bella Design, a new time management game for Windows. It is a story of Bella, a farm girl who dreams of a fashion designing career. Bella opens her first clothes shop right on the farm, but her talent and commitment help her succeed and open a chain of choice boutiques.

Bella Design is a new time management game for fashion lovers. It features 70+ levels of captivating gameplay, 6 fashion salons, various mini games and colorful HD graphics. The player helps Bella succeed as a fashion designer and escape from the farm to the world of style and beauty.

To realize her dream, Bella needs to serve her customers well. Fashion-conscious men and women of all ages, from ordinary people to celebrities, come to her salon to buy clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. If satisfied, they leave generous tips – but if displeased with the service, they go away without payment. As the player completes the levels, time management tasks become more challenging and require maximum speed and attention. Fortunately, the more customers, the more profit – Bella can buy extra equipment (fitting rooms, shoe racks, chairs for waiting areas, etc.) and hire assistants to cope with the growing influx of customers.

One by one, Bella opens six locations, each with local specifics (Country Life, Beach, Casual, Sports, Ski, and Elite). Each boutique has 12 levels: 8 standard levels, 2 bonus levels and 2 hidden-object levels (Bella looks for specific items hidden in the store).

Moreover, there is a bonus feature: in addition to money, Bella earns expert points, which can be spent on decoration of her newly bought house and the lawn in front of it. Old and shabby in the very beginning, the house changes dramatically. Players can decorate it according to their own taste, since there are three options for every decorative element.

Key features:

  • 70+ levels of entertaining time management gameplay;
  • Various mini games and hidden-object levels;
  • Progressively challenging tasks;
  • 6 locations with unique specifics;
  • Opportunity to decorate a wonderful house;
  • HD graphics with widescreen support;

Pricing and Availability

Bella Design requires Windows 2003/XP/VISTA/7/8 and costs 9.95 USD.

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