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Rainbow Web 3: Popular Puzzle Game Now Available for iOS

November 15, 2013

Sugar Games releases Rainbow Web 3 puzzle game for iOS. The game takes the best from the classic “three in a row” gameplay and refreshes it with a non-typical web layout that forces players to think outside of the box. A nifty combination of the familiar game principles with new concepts, wonderful graphics and captivating plot, Rainbow Web series has already gained millions of fans on PC and Mac platforms.

Making a game that would be entertaining to both adults and kids is somewhat an art. A balance between fun and education, challenging gameplay and easy-to-understand principles are the staple of every game by Sugar Games. Rainbow Web 3 is not exclusion. It is a puzzle and educational game set in a fantasy world. The story of the game tells about the evil Sorcerer Spider who captured the kingdom, and now the only hope Rainbow Village has is the player. By solving 3-in-a-row puzzles, he untangles the village from villainous sorcery stage by stage.

While the core of the game inherits much from classic predecessors, Rainbow Web 3 is totally different when it comes to gameplay. Unlike other 3-in-a-row puzzles having typical rectangle or hexagonal fields, the game features varying web patterns, where color spheres a player should match reside in the nodes of the web. The total of 12 web configurations brings additional complexity and variety to the game, and thus the game can surprise even talented puzzle solvers. The diversity of the gameplay is supported by 20 mini-games: sliding puzzles, hidden objects puzzles and even an educational element, where a player should collect letters to compose words. Such option will be appreciated by those parents who want their kids to play games and practice reading skills at the same time.

Each of 110 levels is drawn with passion and love, so the graphic part of the game is really striking. Sound effects and balanced complexity contribute to the ambience of the game and gradually lead the player through the story line.

Pricing and Availability

Rainbow Web 3 is free. It requires iOS 5.1 or higher and supports all range of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices including iPhone 5.

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