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Matchmaker: Unravel the Mystery of the Deserted Bride and Bring Love Back!

February 3, 2013

Contact: Michael Tretyakov
Company: Sugar Games
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Sugar Games, an independent game developer, today announces the release of Matchmaker: the Curse of the Deserted Bride, an absorbing Hidden Object game with a detective plot and lots of mysteries. The player’s task is to help the famous matchmaker find out why love has left the town of Hopeville – and to lift the mysterious curse. Both Windows and Mac versions are available.

Matchmaker: Joining Hearts, the first Hidden Object game about the nice old woman Helen Jones who helped people find their love, was romantic to the bone. The sequel, Matchmaker 2, is mysterious rather than romantic: the shrewd matchmaker needs to puzzle out an old secret and lift a sinister curse. She must overcome lots of challenges and obstacles to bring love back to the people of Hopeville.

The backstory is as follows: twenty years ago a beautiful bride was left by her sweetheart. She was so heartbroken that all the town dwellers grieved for her, and for some unknown reason there have been no weddings in Hopeville since then. Helen Jones, a famous matchmaker, settles in the town and decides to unravel the mystery by all means. She starts her investigation and finds several evil-looking voodoo dolls… is the whole town cursed? Be careful and do not pass any detail over: the truth is hidden somewhere. When all the secrets are unveiled, everybody will be surprised!

The engrossing gameplay consists of 50 challenging Hidden Object scenes and as many diverse mini-games, which are embedded right into the HO scenes. Thanks to the photorealistic graphics looking for items is much like searching a real room. The game also features hints and occasional prompting glints, which can be of real help for puzzled players. It is possible to choose either timed or untimed mode: the latter is quite relaxed, the former more demanding.

Key features:

  • Intriguing detective plot;
  • Romantic story veiled in mystics and mysteries;
  • Timed and untimed mode;
  • Photorealistic graphics and romantic music;
  • 50 Hidden Object scenes, 50+ unique mini-games and 60 strip cartoons.

Pricing and Availability

Matchmaker: the Curse of the Deserted Bride is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.
A single-user license costs 9.95 USD; a demo version with 1 hour of free gameplay is available at the product page.

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