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Rainbow Web 3: Use Your Brain Power to Untangle the Web!

September 26, 2011

Contact: Michael Tretyakov
Company: Sugar Games
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Sugar Games, the independent game developer, has announced the release of Rainbow Web 3. The new installment in the Rainbow series delivers ever-addictive three-in-a-row game wrapped in a compelling storyline and enhanced with the fantasy graphics and soundtrack.

In Rainbow Web 3, the dark Sorcerer Spider you faced (and defeated!) in the previous episodes has seized the control over the Rainbow Village. You are to free your friends from the evil reign and untangle the web using the magic of colors.

To lift the wicked veil from the Village you need to collect rainbow colors by putting 3 or more similarly colored beads on the same web thread. Don’t expect it to bee too easy, though, as the game developers prepared a variety of the increasingly complex web patterns making the game more challenging. Some beads are also trickier then the others, requiring special approach and change of tactics.

The game offers hints, but those can be turned off if you want to truly test your skill and observance. When you feel that you are a bit stuck, or some stubborn bead gets on the way, you can use magic hammer to smash it. You can only do that once in a while, however, as the tool needs charging.

Adding variety are mini games based on the puzzle slider and hidden object mechanics.

Features that make the Rainbow Web 3 difficult to put down:

  • 110 levels, each requiring focus, logic and the will to help your friends.
  • High replay value brought on by the changing web patterns.
  • Fun factor boosted by the mini games.
  • Immersion facilitated by the beautiful artwork and matching soundtrack.

Pricing and Availability

Rainbow Web 3 requires Windows Windows 7, XP and Vista.
Rainbow Web 3 for Mac runs under Mac OS X 10.3 or better.
Rainbow Web 3 costs $9.95 (US).
Further information on the product as well as the free demo version is available at

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