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Nice Puzzle Games Designed To Run Under Windows Vista with Ease

April 18, 2007

Contact: Michael Tretyakov
Company: Sugar Games
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Sugar Games today announces the release of new Rainbow Mystery for Vista and Rainbow Web for Vista games. These two editions of charming puzzles are optimized to take full advantage of all exciting features in Windows Vista. Play these splendid games under splendid OS!

Microsoft Windows Vista raised the quality standards for OS to the new levels. You've never seen so much comfort and reliability. The demands to the games quality have grown as well. Nowadays, few software products fully comply with the new specifications. Committed to delivering the best possible solutions, Sugar Games released two versions of their best-selling puzzles that will make the most of the new powerful OS and provide the finest gaming experience.

Full support for Windows Vista means the games are compatible with the new elements presented in the system. You can play under limited user account. Also, the games smoothly integrate with Vista Game Explorer. On the whole, they meet all the requirements set forth by Microsoft to suit Windows Vista perfectly. Solve puzzles and use the new features of Vista!

Rainbow Web for Vista starts the series of adventures that take place in the Rainbow Kingdom. A peaceful and cheerful world is shattered under a mighty spell and covered with a magic web. To remove the curse, you must unravel the web puzzle and free letters composing the real names of the fairy places. The action takes place amid beautiful scenery and comes with a nice soundtrack. Rainbow Web for Vista is delivered in charming visuals, making it really compelling. Two game modes and 60 levels designed with much inspiration and artistic talent will bring you hours of fascinating entertainment.

Rainbow Mystery for Vista continues the story of a magic kingdom that used to shine with blossoming flowers, but this time an evil wizard turned the place into a faded spot. You assume the role of a young flower fairy Lily and return the vibrant colors to this world. The puzzles provide an engaging swap-and-match gameplay diversified with many bonuses and power-ups. You need to make a line of more than three flowers to score over. The more flowers you combine at one click, the greater your result becomes. The game offers 70 challenging levels.

Both games provide a smashing portion of puzzle-solving fun. Relaxing gameplay combines with vivid visuals and soft music accompaniment. Various game modes spice up the puzzles. If your mind craves for a worthy challenge during a leisure time and you like only the highest quality entertainment, then Rainbow Mystery for Vista and Rainbow Web for Vista will be a balm to your soul. Enjoy the comfort of Windows Vista along with marvelous puzzle-solving games!

Pricing and Availability

Rainbow Mystery for Vista as well as Rainbow Web for Vista run under Microsoft Windows Vista. 

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Sugar Games is a casual game developer since 2004. The company specializes in the production of family-oriented puzzle-solving games.Sugar Games became an acknowledged creator of ingenious puzzles after their Rainbow Web got into Top-10 listings on all popular game portals like Yahoo! Games, MSN Zone, Real Arcade. For more information, please

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