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Holly’s Wedding Salon Welcomes Mobile Players

Sugar Games releases Holly’s Wedding Salon on iOS and Android. Mobile versions of the time management game inherit all the features of the desktop predecessor: romantic environment of a wedding salon, manifold mini-games testing attention and reaction of a player in addition to the classic gameplay, and loads of various wedding apparel to make the ceremony unforgettable and bring the salon more profits.

Holly’s Wedding Salon has already gained popularity on PC. In the game, players start with a modest wedding salon and should build their own wedding empire by satisfying happy pairs and giving them the service they want and deserve. Now, Holly’s Wedding Salon is available to iOS and Android players as well. They can start organizing wedding ceremonies, progressing through 70+ exciting levels, share their progress via Facebook, invite friends to see how well they have fitted salons, visit friends’ salons in return or even cooperate with other players. Social contacts are beneficial to both sides – the more friends a player has, the more he or she can save on in-app purchases.

A truly delightful and momentous wedding ceremony is a complex combination of hundreds of tiny yet crucial details: choosing a wedding hall, decorating it, choosing flowers and apparel, finding an orchestra and, of course, sewing the best wedding dress ever for a bride. Other affairs include a wedding cake, hair styles of the bride and bridesmaids, costume designs and many more. Every detail matters and is directly reflected in tips the customers will finally pay. The pinnacle of the heroine’s skills will be organization of her own wedding - the best wedding in the world. The player can create an amazing ceremony and share it with friends in social networks.

A game in the time-management genre, Wedding Salon seems to recreate the very spirit of a wedding: romantic, beautiful and soft. Nice graphics plus variable min-games will not let the player go for a long time.

Pricing and Availability

Wedding Salon is a free-to-play application with in-app purchases. The game supports iOS 6.0 or higher and Android 4.0.3 or higher.

About Sugar Games

Sugar Games was founded in 2004. The company aims to bring in kind family and kids games to oppose multiple militaristic and aggressive games widely presented in the industry. Among successful titles developed by Sugar Games are Rainbow Web with over 10 millions of downloads and Wedding Salon, a second place at in the time-management game category.


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