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Press release with infographics: Brownies Inhabit Mobile Devices

May 10, 2015

Contact: Natalia Zolotukhina
Company: Sugar Games
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Sugar Games presents the mobile version of the Brownies game. A splendid combination of a time-management game, fascinating adventure and irresistible charm of distinctive characters is now available on iOS and Android. Brownies plunges the player into the magical land of cute little creatures where mundane objects naturally intertwine with fantastic landscapes and buildings.

Scottish legends tell about brownies – tiny creatures who are said to inhabit houses and help in tasks around the house. Now it is time to help brownies themselves. The new game by Sugar Games invites a player to the world of brownies, the fabulous land spread right amongst kitchenware, chairs and tables, buffets and wardrobes in the old grandma’s house.

The genre of the game is time-management – a player must accomplish tasks at a certain pace to pass each level. And there are a lot of things to do: collect food and lumber, repair buildings broken by evil Boggart and his maleficent servants, find lost items and gather magical beads - a way to summon little helpers and play various magical effects. The game starts with quite simple tasks and gradually complicates through 50 levels challenging the player to act faster and use available resources wisely.

One of the definitive features of Brownies is high-quality hand-painted graphics reminding of children’s fairytale books. Distinctive characters, variable landscapes – from icy fjords to mystical forests; living backgrounds – every piece of art is pictured with love and extreme level of details. Background music inspired by Celtic folk songs underscores and completes the spirit of a wonderful fable.

Captivating gameplay, nice visuals and intriguing story with unexpected twists make Brownies a perfect family game to play on a tablets and large screen smartphones

Interesting facts about the game

  • Total length of roads in the game - 46 ml. It’s more than the length of railroads in all of Africa.
  • Total amount of bakeries in the game is 95. Enough to bake 143 t of bread every day. To transport it all, one would need 95 trucks.
  • The Smiths store 7,134 stones of food. This amount is enough to feed 9,000 people.
  • Wood produced in-game is enough to make 7,500 books. It’s more than 6,088 stones.
  • The stone mined in this game can be used to build 3 towers of Pisa. More than 45 t.
  • Roughly 9,284 stones of gold is mined. It’s roughly a gold reserve of Argentina.
  • There are 100 gardeners in the game. It’s the exact number of gardeners that worked on creating the Exbury gardens that covered 81 ha.
  • Throughout the game, mom burns 17600 kcal. It’s enough to run a marathon 8 times.
  • The Smiths transport 190 t of load throughout the game. It’s the weight of 350 cows.

Pricing and Availability

Brownies is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. The game supports iOS 6.0 or higher and Android 4.0 or higher.

About Sugar Games

Sugar Games was founded in 2004. The company focuses on development of family and kids games as opposed to militaristic and aggressive games typically offered by the industry. Among successful titles developed by Sugar Games are Rainbow Web with over 10 millions of downloads and Wedding Salon, a second place at in the time-management game category.


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Name: Natalia Zolotukhina
Company: Sugar Games
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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